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Volcano in Indonesia: Volcano Eruption on Indonesia’s Ruang Island Causes Tsunami Warning

Volcano in Indonesia: Residents of Indonesia’s Ruang Island have been moved to safety after a volcano erupted. The volcano has erupted more than three times since last night, and it continues to release lava flows. For several days, it has been spewing ash and now it has exploded.

Heruningtias, an official from Indonesia’s Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Center, said that they have issued a second high alert due to the increased lava flow and eruptions following recent earthquakes. He stated that the residents had been safely evacuated.

In Indonesia, there have been multiple eruptions of the Ruang mountain volcano, causing ash and lava to shoot thousands of feet into the sky. Due to the eruptions, a tsunami alert was issued in several areas of Indonesia. Local authorities evacuated over 11,000 people from the areas at risk.

A volcano on the northern side of Sulawesi island in Indonesia has had at least five big eruptions in the past 24 hours. Indonesia’s Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation said this.

Volcano in Indonesia

The authorities raised the volcano alert to the highest level. At least 800 residents left the area on Wednesday for their safety. Indonesia’s Mount Ruang erupted several times on Wednesday, causing authorities to raise the alert to the highest level. The volcano sent lava thousands of feet into the sky, and people in nearby areas were evacuated.

Mount Ruang is located in North Sulawesi Province, an area known for frequent volcanic activity. The volcano first erupted at 9:45 pm local time on Tuesday and then erupted four more times on Wednesday.

Authorities asked tourists and others to stay at least 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) away from the 725-meter (2,378-foot) high Ruang volcano. Indonesia’s airport was also closed due to Ruang’s repeated eruptions.

A tsunami alert was issued because of the volcanic eruptions in the country, and 11,000 people were evacuated. Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency said residents would be moved to Manado, the closest city on Sulawesi island, a 6-hour boat journey away.

Indonesia is a country of 270 million people and has 120 active volcanoes. It is prone to volcanic activity because it sits along the “Ring of Fire,” a series of seismic fault lines around the Pacific Ocean.

So far, there have been no reports of death or injury, but two villages on Ruang Island were fully evacuated to prevent potential risks. Indonesia’s volcano agency warned locals to watch out for potential rock ejections, hot cloud discharges, and tsunamis caused by the collapse of the volcano into the sea.

The agency said that recent earthquakes had increased volcanic activity in Ruang by causing instability in the tectonic plates. Hendra Gunawan, the head of Indonesia’s volcanology agency, said in a statement late Wednesday that based on observations of the volcano’s increased activity, Mount Ruang’s level was raised from Level 3 to Level 4.

Authorities are trying to completely clear the island as more eruptions could happen. The volcano agency said no activity is allowed within a 4-kilometer radius of the eruption site.

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