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No Passport: Guess Who Can Travel to Any Country Without a Passport

This article is about the three special people who don’t need passports anywhere in the world. Who Can Travel to Any Country Without a Passport? Passports were introduced 102 years ago, and top government officials like the President and Prime Minister use diplomatic passports when traveling between countries.

But, when these individuals travel to other countries, they don’t have to show a passport like everyone else. Out of the 200-plus countries, only these three people don’t need a passport. Instead, they get extra nice treatment and lots of respect. This unique privilege goes back to a time when countries didn’t have a clear agreement about needing strong documents for travel. It was only during the First World War that countries realized how important it was to have a standard way, like a passport, for people moving between them.

Suddenly, everything changed in 1920 when the United States took the initiative to create a passport-like system worldwide to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. The idea was thoroughly debated within the League of Nations. In 1924, the United States implemented its new passport system.

Now, a passport has become an official identity card for a person traveling to another country. It includes their name, address, age, photograph, citizenship, and signature. This has become a simple method to trace the person’s identity in the country they are visiting. This practice has progressed to the point where all countries now issue e-passports.

Who Can Travel to Any Country Without a Passport?


Know about the three special individuals exempt from passport requirements worldwide. The privilege belongs to the King of Britain and the King and Queen of Japan. Previously, the late Queen Elizabeth held this privilege before Charles became the King of Britain.

When Charles became King of Britain, his secretary sent a document through his country’s Foreign Office to all nations. As the head of the British royal family, King Charles should be allowed to travel anywhere with full respect, and no obstacles should be in the way. This message was sent to all countries.

While the British monarch has this right, his wife doesn’t. They must carry consular passports when traveling to another country. Important members of the royal family are also entitled to hold diplomatic passports, which come with special attention and respect.

When Elizabeth was Queen, she had special permission for this passport. However, her husband, Prince Philip, had to hold a diplomatic passport. In Britain, the highest honor goes to the person on the royal throne. It’s important to note that the queen’s husband is called the prince for life.

Let’s see why and how the Emperor and Empress of Japan got this privilege. The current Emperor is Naruhito, and his wife, Masako Owada, was the Empress. When his father Akihito was the Emperor, neither he nor his wife needed passports. Akihito, who was Japan’s emperor until 2019, decided to retire at the age of 88. Now, when they travel abroad, they have to carry a consular passport.

According to Japanese government records, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began this special arrangement for its emperor and empress in 1971. Before the three individuals travel abroad, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the King’s Secretariat in Britain share information about the project with the respective countries in advance.

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Prime Ministers and Presidents

Worldwide, all Prime Ministers and Presidents must carry passports, specifically consular passports, when traveling between countries. These leaders receive special privileges and are exempt from security checks and other procedures. In India, this status is granted to the Prime Minister, President, and Vice President.

India issues three types of passports:

  • Blue passports for ordinary citizens
  • Maroon Diplomatic passports for high government officials
  • The most privileged passport for the Prime Minister, President, and Vice President.
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