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Who is Richer than Elon Musk? Can You Guess?

Who is Richer than Elon Musk?: Bernard Arnault, the boss of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), is now the world’s richest person, surpassing Elon Musk. According to Forbes, the French billionaire’s family wealth has reached a wealth $207.6 billion.

This change happened last Friday when Bernard Arnault’s net worth exceeded Elon Musk’s, which was $204.7 billion. Arnault’s fortune surged to $207.6 billion, making him the new leader. In contrast, Musk’s wealth dropped by 13 percent, losing over $18 billion, as reported.

So, currently, Bernard Arnault is at the top of the world’s richest list, surpassing Elon Musk in net worth. Since 2022, there has been competition between the two billionaires to be the richest, but reportedly, Bernard Arnault secured the top spot later that year.

Who is Richer than Elon Musk?

The recent report discloses that LVMH, the company responsible for luxury brands like Dior, Bulgari, and Sephora, has a market value of $388.8 billion. In comparison, Tesla, Elon Musk’s company, holds a higher market value of $586.14 billion. This suggests that the battle for the top position involves not only personal wealth but also the value of the companies they lead.

In this ongoing contest, the market values of LVMH and Tesla play a significant role, showcasing the financial strength and influence of these two billionaires in their respective industries. Based on the Forbes Real Time Billionaires List, here are the current top 10 wealthiest individuals in the world:

Bernard Arnault and Family$207.6 Billion
Elon Musk$204.7 Billion
Jeff Bezos$181.3 Billion
Larry Ellison$142.2 Billion
Mark Zuckerberg$138.1 Billion
Warren Buffett$127.2 Billion
Larry Page$127.1 Billion
Bill Gates$122.9 Billion
Sergey Brin$121.7 Billion
Steve Ballmer$118.8 Billion

At the very top of the rich list is Bernard Arnault and his family, sitting on a massive $207.6 billion in wealth. Right behind is Elon Musk with $204.7 billion, and Jeff Bezos is not far off with $181.3 billion from Amazon. In the tech corner, Larry Ellison holds $142.2 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg follows suit with $138.1 billion.

In the finance world, Warren Buffett and Larry Page have fortunes of $127.2 billion and $127.1 billion, respectively. Bill Gates, a tech trailblazer, is in the mix with a substantial $122.9 billion. Sergey Brin and Steve Ballmer complete the top ten, representing impressive net worths of $121.7 billion and $118.8 billion. These numbers highlight the multiple areas like tech, finance, and business that contribute to the immense wealth of these individuals.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Elon Musk holds onto the title of the richest person globally, having a net worth of $199 billion. Following closely is Jeff Bezos, the founder of the popular online marketplace Amazon, securing the second spot with a net worth of $184 billion.

In the rankings provided by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bernard Arnault takes the third position, with a net worth of $183 billion. This index provides a different perspective on the wealth standings, showcasing Musk as the leader in the billionaire race, while Bezos and Arnault closely trail behind in the second and third spots, respectively.

The varying reports emphasize the dynamic nature of wealth rankings, depending on the source and methodology used to assess an individual’s net worth.

In April of last year, Bernard Arnault’s net worth crossed a wealth of $200 billion, making him the third person ever to reach this incredible milestone. Just to put it into perspective, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos were the only ones who did it before him.

Looking ahead, Arnault’s fortune is predicted to grow by an additional $39 billion in 2023. This surge is primarily due to a 30 percent increase in the value of LVMH shares, fueled by a recent spike in the demand for luxury goods.

It’s quite a remarkable feat for Arnault, to join the elite club of those who have reached such colossal wealth. Keep an eye on his journey as he continues to climb the ranks of the world’s richest individuals.

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