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Woman from Rural UP Teaches English on her YouTube channel, is praised by everyone

Social Media is a good place to showcase all your talents anywhere. On YouTube, many channels are there including food reviews, makeup videos, cooking, dancing, singing, and education-related tutorials. In a particular case, a woman living in Uttar Pradesh from a rural part has gained more fame by teaching English, which attracts everybody to learn from her.

Yashoda Lodhi, who is a resident of Sirathu Nagar panchayat in Kaushambi district, is running her own YouTube channel named “English with Dehati Madam”. Right now she has more than 2.85 lakh subscribers. In all her videos Yashoda Lodhi wears a saree and a bindi. She teaches spoken English and grammar usage to her viewers in the right way. Her main motto is to reach village women audience like herself and to teach those who are all struggling to speak English.

Yashoda Lodhi has uploaded 368 videos until Nov 27th, 2023 on how to learn English, how to speak English without struggle, and how to think in English which is very important to avoid the jam caused by the native language. She frequently shows her lifestyle, her thatched house, and her children which is very heart-warming.

Many people were inspired by her videos and commented that they wanted to have a conversation with her. Also, others are giving positive comments about all her videos. In her description, she mentioned that she comes from a low-income family and wants to help with English to children and women like her.

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