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World Record for the Largest Grilled Cheese Sandwich Made in the USA

To celebrate hitting a big milestone of 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, two popular content creators, Exodus and Iggy Chaudhry from the USA, decided to take on a unique challenge to secure a spot in the Guinness World Records.

The idea struck them after watching a video featuring the world’s largest pizza. Inspired by the concept of setting a record involving food, the brothers, who hail from Wisconsin, a state famous for its cheese, were selected to create the world’s largest grilled cheese sandwich.

To accomplish this cheesy feat, Exodus and Iggy sought the assistance of their family and neighbors. The result was an impressive sandwich, measuring a whopping 1.89 meters in width, 3.32 meters in length, and 7 centimeters in thickness. This supersized creation surpassed the previous record set in the year 2000 by Cabot Creamery of Vermont, being 35% larger.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Making the correct bread choice was essential to their project’s success. They tried a variety of breads before deciding on focaccia because its large slices held their structure better than the others. The enormous sandwich was cooked on a specially made griddle.

It took more than an hour of careful torching to achieve the desired crispiness on the top side. Once the mammoth grilled cheese was ready, it was cut up and weighed, tipping the scales at 189.9 kilograms – nearly 100 pounds heavier than the previous record holder.

While some portions of the biggest sandwich were shared with the spectators at the event, the majority were generously donated to local food pantries. Breaking this record not only brought joy to Exodus and Iggy but also earned them an official Guinness World Records certificate, adding to their Silver YouTube Play Button plaque.


Join Exodus and Iggy as they attempt to break a world record for the world's largest grilled cheese sandwich! Guinness World Record sends an adjudicator out...


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