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Yamaha New RX 100 Model 2024: The Legend Coming Back with New Features

This post is all about the upcoming Yamaha RX 100 New Model. The Yamaha RX 100 was a beloved bike, and even with the introduction of many new bikes, people still have a strong affection for it. Now, there’s exciting news that this bike is getting a relaunch with several new updates. Classic items are more valued in India and most people are very interested in buying old-model cars and bikes. Even today we can see old ambassador cars and old-model bikes being used by everyone. However, considering that some older models of bikes and cars are used by everyone, Yamaha company is re-launching the popular bike RX 100 in India with new changes.

Yamaha Rx 100 new model launch

The Yamaha Rx 100 new model launch is expected to have a bigger petrol engine, possibly 200cc or more, a significant improvement from its original 100cc engine. While Yamaha has confirmed the return of this highly desired model, specific details about its launch and features are still unknown. It is expected to come to market by 2026.

RX100 New Model Launch

Yamaha Rx 100 new model price

The RX100 bike was first launched in the year 1985 and then discontinued in 1996 due to the ban on 2-stroke engines in India. This bike is expected to be relaunched and sold at Rs 1 lakh.

Yamaha Rx 100 new model features

The new features such as disc brakes, alloy wheel design, and LED headlights with DRLs. The features show that the bike will be launched with a completely new appearance with its classic character. The previous model had excellent performance, featuring drum brakes on both wheels and a 10-litre petrol tank. One unique aspect was the sound produced by the engine, though it’s uncertain if this sound will be retained in the new Yamaha RX100 bike. Since the engine itself is undergoing changes, a similar sound is not expected.

Yamaha Rx 100 new model engine

In November 1985, Yamaha introduced the RX 100 in India. It is derived from the RX-S, not the original RX100 or RS100DX. RX 100 has gained popularity among all bike enthusiasts mainly because of its powerful 100 cc engine. The bike was known for its lightweight and strong engine, creating the best power-to-weight ratio among 100 cc bikes. The Yamaha Rx 100 new model engine is expected to have 200cc or above than that. The exact feature of the engine is still not known.

Yamaha Rx 100 past features

Yamaha RX100 has 11 PS of potency and 10.39 Nm of rotational force with drum braking systems for both the front and rear wheels. It featured a 10-liter for fuel, relying on a kick-start mechanism for ignition. Notably, the Yamaha emblem adorned the fuel container, crafted with steel. Motorcycle fans are excitedly waiting for the return of the Yamaha RX100. It’s expected to bring together nostalgic appeal and modern performance in a classic style.

Bharat Stage Emission Standards

Bharat Stage Emission Standards (BSES) are rules made by the Indian government. They control how much air pollution can come out of engines in vehicles. These rules apply to both diesel (compression ignition) and petrol (spark ignition) engines. The old model has 2 stroke engines. The company is thinking about putting a larger engine on their bikes. Because of some rules by BS6, Yamaha won’t bring back the old RX100 with its 2-stroke engine. They’re being careful about bringing it back slowly to make sure they don’t degrade the reputation of the famous bike. A recent source says that Yamaha is thinking about using a bigger engine for the RX100.

1) Is Yamaha planning to relaunch the RX 100?

Yes, there are indications that Yamaha is considering bringing back the iconic RX 100.

2) Will the new RX 100 have the original 2-stroke engine?

No, due to regulatory changes like BS6 standards, the new RX 100 is unlikely to feature the original 2-stroke engine.

3) When can we expect the official announcement of the RX 100 relaunch?

The exact timeline for the relaunch is not confirmed. Keep an eye on Yamaha’s official announcements and updates for the latest information.

4) Will the relaunched RX 100 be available globally or limited to specific markets?

Yamaha’s distribution plans for the relaunched RX 100 are not clear yet. Details on global availability will be disclosed in official communications.

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