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Todays Gold Rate in India (30th Apr 2024)

Todays Gold Rate in India is not just a financial metric; it’s a beacon of transformation. Gold holds distinction in both being an eye-opening and life-changing asset over other metals. In today’s upgrading world, everybody is trying to invest in gold as a safeguard against inflation. Even with the ongoing rise in gold prices, there remains a consistent interest in gold investments. Gold Rates are changing due to various factors, including the Global Market and the US Dollar’s strengths. We (okrani.com) are trying to keep our readers informed about the latest Gold Prices in India. Whether you are interested in 1 Savaran Gold Rate, 916 Gold Rate today, 22k Gold price, or 24k Gold price, We’ve got you covered. We update our data regularly and get information directly from the most trusted jewelers worldwide. Find the most up-to-date information about Gold in various cities of India right at your fingertips.   

Current 22-carat Gold Price per Gram in India (Rupees)

22 Carat Gold
Today 22ct Gold Price (INR)
Yesterday 22ct Gold Price (INR)
Difference in Prices (INR)
1 Gram ₹6,655 ₹6,655 ₹0
8 Grams ₹53,240 ₹53,240 ₹0
10 Grams ₹66,550 ₹66,550 ₹0
100 Grams ₹6,65,500 ₹6,65,500 ₹0

Note: The above Gold Rates do not include any GST or Additional charges. For precise Gold Prices, Please get in touch with your local jeweler.

Current 24-carat Gold Price per Gram in India (Rupees)

24 Carat Gold
Measurement (Gram)
Today’s 24-Carat Gold Price (INR)
Yesterday’s 24-Carat Gold Price (INR)
Difference in Prices (INR)
1 Gram ₹7,260 ₹7,260 ₹0
8 Grams ₹58,080 ₹58,080 ₹0
10 Grams ₹72,600 ₹72,600 ₹0
100 Grams ₹7,26,000 ₹7,26,000 ₹0

Note: The above Gold Rates do not include any GST or Additional charges. For precise Gold Prices, Please get in touch with your local jeweler.

18 carat Gold Rate Today

18 Carat Gold Rate in India today
Measurement (Gram)
Today’s 18-Carat Gold Price (INR)
Yesterday’s 18-Carat Gold Price (INR)
Difference in Prices (INR)
1 Gram ₹5,445 ₹5,445 ₹0
8 Grams ₹43,560 ₹43,560 ₹0
10 Grams ₹54,450 ₹54,450 ₹0
100 Grams ₹5,44,500 ₹5,44,500 ₹0

Note: The above Gold Rates do not include any GST or Additional charges. For precise Gold Prices, Please get in touch with your local jeweler.

Todays Gold Rate in Various Cities in India (10 g)

Stay updated with the Live Gold Rates in India as the Gold Rate fluctuates throughout the day. Keeping track of the real-time price of gold per gram is essential to make an informed decision.

Live Gold Rate
City Name
22k price today
(10 Gram Gold Rate)

24k Price today
(10 Gram Gold Rate)

Chennai Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Delhi Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Banglore Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Kerala Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Vadodara Rs. 66,600 Rs. 72,650
Jaipur Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Coimbatore Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Vijayawada Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Nagpur Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Surat Rs. 66,600 Rs. 72,650
Mangalore Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Nashik Rs. 66,580 Rs. 72,630
Cuttack Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Bellary Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Ghaziabad Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Salem Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Amaravati Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Nellore Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Tirupati Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Anantapur Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Nizamabad Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Berhampur Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Rajkot Rs. 66,600 Rs. 72,650
Aurangabad Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Bhiwandi Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Latur Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Tirunelveli Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Sambalpur Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Erode Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Kanpur Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Ludhiana Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Amritsar Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Trivandrum Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,750
Bhopal Rs. 66,600 Rs. 72,650
Goa Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Kumbakonam Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Agra Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Dindigul Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Cuddalore Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Krishnagiri Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Kovilpatti Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Tiruvannamalai Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Karaikudi Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Ramanathapuram Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Kanyakumari Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Virudhunagar Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Pollachi Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Palani Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Mohali Rs. 66,700 Rs. 73,750
Perambalur Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Kodaikanal Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Rameswaram Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Tiruvarur Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Mumbai Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Kolkata Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Hyderabad Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Pune Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Ahmedabad Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Lucknow Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Madurai Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Patna Rs. 66,600 Rs. 72,650
Chandigarh Rs. 66,600 Rs. 72,650
Bhubaneswar Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Visakhapatnam Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Mysore Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Devangere Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Gurgaon Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Noida Rs. 66,600 Rs. 72,650
Vellore Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Guntur Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Kakinada Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Kadapa Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Warangal Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Khammam Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Rourkela Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Vasai-Virar Rs. 76,580 Rs. 72,630
Solapur Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Kolhapur Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Tirupur Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Trichy Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Amravati Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Indore Rs. 66,600 Rs. 72,650
Kochi Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Thane Rs. 66,550 Rs. 72,600
Nagercoil Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Thanjavur Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Varanasi Rs. 66,700 Rs. 72,750
Karur Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Namakkal Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Dharmapuri Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Tuticorin Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Kanchipuram Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Villupuram Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Theni Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Hosur Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Pudukkottai Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Ambur Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Nagapattinam Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Kallakurichi Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Arcot Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Ariyalur Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Paramakudi Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Jayankondam Rs. 67,500 Rs. 73,640
Ooty Rs. 67,500 Rs. 72,640
Sivagangai Rs. 67,500 Rs. 72,640

Last 10 days Gold Rate in India (1 Gram)

Gold Rate in India For Last 10 days
22k price
24k Price
Apr 30, 2024 Rs. 6,655 Rs. 7,260
Apr 29, 2024 Rs. 6,655 Rs. 7,260
Apr 28, 2024 Rs. 6,685 Rs. 7,293
Apr 27, 2024 Rs. 6,685 Rs. 7,293
Apr 26, 2024 Rs. 6,665 Rs. 7,271
Apr 25, 2024 Rs. 6,625 Rs. 7,227
Apr 24, 2024 Rs. 6,660 Rs. 7,265
Apr 23, 2024 Rs. 6,615 Rs. 7,216
Apr 22, 2024 Rs. 6,755 Rs. 7,369
Apr 21, 2024 Rs. 6,805 Rs. 7,424

Last 10 days Gold Price Rate Graph in India

Gold Rate in India For Last 10 days

Comparison between 22 Karats and 24 Karats Gold

Understanding about gold rate in India is essential but it’s equally important to distinguish between 24 Carat and 22 Carat Gold. The 24-carat variety is pure, containing 99.9 % of Pure Gold and it is too smooth to be moulded as jewellery.  while 22-carat is 91.6 % pure gold combined with other metals like Zinc, Copper, etc., and it can be made into beautiful ornaments. The 22K Gold is also known as 916 Gold.

1 Gram Gold Rate Today

The 916 Gold Rate today stands at Rs. ₹6,655 per Gram. For those who are purchasing Gold in larger quantities, the 1kg Gold price in India stands at Rs. 66,55,000/-

How is the Price of Gold per Gram in India determined?

The Gold price per gram depends on multiple factors that include both local and global elements that overall contribute to the Price determination.

Cost of Transportation:
One important factor is the cost of transporting gold from city to city. Higher transportation costs lead to the price elevation where it is shipped to and that cost gets passed to the people who are buying gold.

Gold Local Tax:
Differences in local tax rates play a major role. Cities with huge tax rates on gold purchases may experience higher prices when compared to cities with lower tax rates.

Based on Market Conditions:
Demand for gold is also one of the reasons for the gold price rise. In cities where gold is in demand, the prices may be driven up due to increased competition among the buyers.

Economic Condition:
The overall economic condition of the city has a huge impact on the gold prices. A city with a robust economy may have less demand for gold, resulting in lower prices.

Gold rate today in India

Why keeping track of Gold Rates in India is a safeguard against Inflation?

Gold Rates in India are often tracked as a safeguard against inflation. Gold is a tangible asset whose value tends to increase over time. During times of inflation, the power of paper currency decreases but Gold protects from economic uncertainty.

Who fixes gold price in India?

The Indian Bullion Jewellers Association, commonly referred to as IBJA, plays a pivotal role in determining the daily gold rates in our country.

How to check the Gold Purity?

There are various methods available for checking gold purity from the simpler to the sophisticated methods. Let’s have a look below

Gold Checking with Magnet: One of the simplest methods to check the gold purity is using a magnet. The pure form of Gold is not magnetic. Thereby if your gold gets attracted to a magnet, we can easily recognize that it contains some metal alloys or impurities. However, it gives only a rough prediction of purity.

Gold Checking with Acid: The acid test is the most common method to check the Gold purity. Usually, nitric Acid and a touchstone are used. Here’s how it works

Gold Rubbing on a Touch Stone:  Rub the gold on the touchstone gently to make a streak on it.

Acid Application: Now apply a droplet of acid on the streak. If the gold is pure, it will remain the same and dissolve in the acid. If the gold is not pure, it will change its color.

Checking with Karat Meter: In today’s technology-driven world, the most precise methods are available to check the purity. Most Jewellers import luxurious Karat meters to get an accurate measurement of a gold item’s Karat value. These methods are more trusted in the Gold Industry.

BIS Centres: In some areas, we can have authorized BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) Centres. We can go there and use their services. These centres are equipped with latest technology and also certified for testing gold.

Private Testing Centres: In areas without BIS Centres, we can visit private testing centers. Their modern equipment will provide us with the best results.

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