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Do You Know About the World’s Richest Beggar And His Net Worth?

World’s Richest Beggar: The term ‘beggar’ typically describes individuals facing extreme poverty. Their worn-out clothes, frail bodies, and sorrowful expressions reveal their challenging daily lives.

However, it might be surprising to learn that some individuals transform begging into a lucrative business. Bharat Jain, a resident of Mumbai, is not only the wealthiest beggar in India but also in the entire world.

Reports reveal that Bharat Jain had to discontinue his education due to financial constraints. Despite facing humble beginnings, Jain is now married with a family that includes his wife, two sons, brother, and father. Remarkably, he has accumulated a net worth of ₹7.5 crore, earning between ₹60,000 and ₹75,000 monthly from begging.

Also, Jain has invested in a 2BHK flat in Mumbai valued at ₹1.2 crore. He also owns two shops in Thane, generating ₹30,000 in monthly rent. Jain is often seen begging at prominent locations such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station (CSMT) or Azad Maidan.

His ability to earn a significant income of ₹2,000-2,500 per day within 10 to 12 hours, coupled with his property investments, contrasts with the challenges faced by many who struggle for much lesser amounts. Despite the wealth, Jain continues his begging activity at renowned locations in Mumbai.

Begging in Mumbai Streets

Despite his wealth, Jain continues to beg on Mumbai’s streets. While many struggle to earn a few hundred rupees after long hours of work, Jain manages to earn ₹2,000-2,500 daily in 10 to 12 hours, thanks to people’s generosity.

Jain and his family live in a duplex apartment with one bedroom in Parel. His kids went to a convent school and finished their studies. Besides Jain’s begging, his family runs a store selling stationery.

Even though Jain’s family advises him to stop begging, he doesn’t listen. They have a stable income from the stationery store, but Jain prefers to continue begging. This shows how personal choices can be complex, and some people stick to their decisions, even when there are other options available.

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